Why Send Appointment Text Reminders?


Appointment text reminders are important for any business who wishes to reduce missed appointments and increase revenue. People these days are busy and we know they are glued to their mobile devices, therefore sms reminders are a great way to connect with your clients.


Not only do text appointment reminders help with no-shows they are also a great way to communicate with your clients, we actually have customers with very low no-show rates but they use text reminders to show how professional they are as a business.


Reducing no-shows and providing better customer experiences lead to happier customers.  Happy and loyal customers mean more revenue for your business. Thousands and thousands of businesses are already sending SMS reminders for appointments. Your competitors most likely do it already.


Gone are the days of sending appointments reminder via letter. Do you know why companies use to send reminders via post?  Yes because they worked!  The same is true for text reminders, they actually work and when compared to the price of sending a letter you could be saving close to 80%.  Also comes the added benefit of reducing your administration time as you don't need to write reminder letters and stuff them into envelops.


Businesses Sending Appointment Reminders


It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in, we see many different businesses sending reminder messages. Dentists, Orthodontists, Medical Professionals, Accountants, Counsellors, Financial Advisers, Photographers, Beauty Therapists, Driving Instructions, Car Servicing Companies, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Installers,  Education Providers.... the list is endless, anyone providing appointments should now be using a sms reminder service to decrease appointment no-shows.


How does Appointment Reminder help you send text reminders?


If don't already have a booking calendar then you can use Appointment Reminder to setup each reminder.  We have a online calendar which enables you to click on the time of the appointment, enter your clients mobile and a text reminder will be delivered. It's super simple and takes less than 30 seconds to create each reminder.


If you already have a booking calendar system but it doesn't have the ability to send appointment reminders then you can use Appointment Reminder to import your appointments. Appointment Reminder will then send out the text reminders. We often see this with old desktop system that were developed a long a time ago, while the system works well it's too hard to move to a online calendar that supports text reminders.


Google and Outlook Calendar


If your business currently uses Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook then you can use Appointment Reminder to send SMS reminders automatically from these calendars.  



We often here that people are now expecting some type of reminder before an appointment, it's becoming common practice and if you're not doing it then you're leaving money on the table.


Appointment text reminders should in a perfect world fit your existing workflow and NOT add extra pressure to your administration staff.


At Appointment Reminder we work closely with all our businesses to make sure our product meets their needs.  We have thousands of happy users and provide on-going support and training.