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Court Dates, Client Meetings - Reduce Administration Time and Keep your Clients Up to Date

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Life is busy for everyone. As a Lawyer, your day is even more so. You have meetings with clients, colleagues, and court dates. Don't miss a step by adding a powerful tool to your daily schedule that saves you time and money.

What can more annoying than a customer not showing up?  Whether you have a client meeting or a date in court, stop sending time consuming reminder letters and start sending SMS reminders.

Often your clients won't even read the letter you send them.  Sound familiar?  We all know that people are attached to their cellphones, sending appointments for your law practice makes perfect sense.



Appointment Reminders increases productivity through the tools you already use:


Google Calendar


Appointment Reminders integrates directly with Google Calendar seamlessly, making the service scalable and easy to use.


Outlook Calendar


Using the Microsoft suite of software? Not a problem. Setup Appointment Reminders directly from Outlook Calendar.

[View Our Video Outlook 2010]


Appointment Reminder Calendar


By using our own appointment calendar you can enter appointments in less than 20 seconds.


Import as .CSV:


Utilize a different tool? Keep it simple with Appointment Reminder. Exporting in a widely accepted format makes for importing to the tool of your choice a breeze.


Keeping other professionals and yourself up to date is a no brainer but keeping your clients on track is more important than ever. The world is constantly grabbing for your client's attention. Be the first in line with Appointment Reminder in the many ways in which it can accomplish this.


Message Delivery:


We haven't even talked about what could be argued to be the best part of Appointment Reminder, the delivery. It doesn't matter setting appointments for your clients if it isn't going to catch their attention in the way that they utilize their technology. By emailing, texting, and sending voice reminders, you can be sure that they got the message. By being able to import clients and appointments and requiring appointment replies, everything is taken care of.


After everything considered, it makes total sense to go with Appointment Reminder as your external brain with a 14 day free trial. Try now!