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How Appointment Reminder Can Help Fitness Instructors

As a fitness professional you are a busy individual with client goals, fitness programming, and continuing education that could go around a city block. The trouble is that it's your job to keep your clients moving. Getting them to you on time is an organization feat of itself without everyone else's busy schedules coming into the mix. If any one of them is late and you have another client just after their workout it could cut them short. This leads to you not having the time to push them to their goals and possibly losing a client.


It was once said by Laura Ingalls Wilder that, "the trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to what they're organized for." (1) In comes Appointment Reminder with it's big name integration, excellent support, and seamless user interface. It saves you the time of remembering to send out reminders.


Think about how much time you would spend sending out the reminders yourself and the time would quickly add up. Not to mention the fact that you would have to set reminders, for you to send reminders. This would quickly become you chasing your tail.


Think about what Appointment Reminder says to your clients when they receive any one of the many reminders that the platform is capable of. With text, email, and voice capabilities, you are sure to reach you customer before they forget.


Many fitness professionals have strict cancellation policies. This policy becomes even more enforceable when you know you client has been sent a reminder about your appointment earlier than your mandatory cancellation cut-off. Your time is the most limited of resources and you can easily set boundaries with Appointment Reminder.


The benefits of Appointment Reminder for fitness professionals becomes apparent quickly. The great part is that you get to figure this out during the free 14 day trial. Consider the following scenarios as they apply:



For freelance fitness professionals, organizing your own appointments can already be full time job. Take the edge off with recurring reminders. If a client contacts you to let you know that their availability has changed; not a problem. Appointment Reminder will stick with that appointment to allow you to change on the fly without adding several steps throughout the process.


Part of a gym environment

If you are a trainer that is a part of a box gym environment, this allows you to personalize your service. Distinguishing yourself in your environment puts you that much further ahead of your competition.



Last but not least; what about the clients? Being a fitness professional is an act of intent and energy to get your client the results they want. As the client of a fitness professional, you are saving them the time of having to worry about putting the appointment in their own calendar or stressing that they forgot about what certainly shouldn’t be at the top of their long list. You are also giving your client the convenience of no details needed, no strings attached. Your client doesn't need a lengthy sign in or convoluted process to make their appointment. With Appointment Reminder your client has the peace of mind that the only thing they need to bring is the energy necessary to make your workout the best they've ever had.




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