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Do your staff struggle to find the time to phone customers to reminder them of their appointment times? How annoying is is when customers don't show

Stop customer no-shows by sending automated text reminders directly from Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016. You'll love how easy setting up each reminder is.

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Download and Install the Appointment Reminder Addin for Outlook

Once you've signed up for FREE trial of Appointment Reminder we will provide you with a download link to install the Outlook Addin.

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Choose Which Appointments Should Receive a Reminder Messsge.

Simply right mouse click on any Appointment in Outlook Calendar and click "Create Appointment Reminder". Appointment Reminder will then schedule your reminder sent at the desired time.

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Setup Your Scripts

Write your appointment reminder scripts. You might have different scripts for different services. In Outlook you can choose which to script to use when you setup the reminder. Because you have pre-written scripts this can save a lot of time.

Auto Send

Appointment Reminder will start sending automated reminders once you've turned on Auto Send. By default the system will send your reminders 24 hours before the appointment or at another time you choose.

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Google Calendar Screenshot

Receive Replies

Customers will reply to your reminder messages and you will be notified via email. You also have the option of updating the appointment in Outlook Calendar so you can view all correspondence in the calendar.

How much does a lost customer cost your business?

We're confident you'll increase revenue using our reminder system, we offer a full money back guarantee anytime if you're not happy with our service for ANY reason.

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Outlook Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

If you add the word 'nosend' to an event we won't schedule any reminders for that appointment. You can also add different negative keywords which we can monitor..

You can sync as many Google Calendars to Appointment Reminder as you want.