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Google Calendar & Appointment Reminder

Whether you use Google Calendar on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, Appointment Reminder can schedule and send text reminders automatically, allowing you to get back to your business and stop the worry of customers forgetting their appointments.

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Connect Your Google Calendar

Once you've signed up for FREE trial of Appointment Reminder we will walk you through the easy process of integrating Google Calendar with Appointment Reminder. The process takes only a couple of minutes and anyone can do it.

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Appointment Reminder Extracts Appointment Details

Appointment Reminder can extract Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers and Email address from any of your Google Calendar event fields automatically. (We can skip appointments too if don't want to send a reminder)

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Google Calendar Screenshot

Setup Your Scripts

Setup your appointment reminder scripts. You have total control over the messaging of each reminder.

Turn On Auto Send

Turn on Auto Send and you'll never need to login to Appointment Reminder again. Appointment Reminder will automatically sync your Google Calendar when you Add/Edit or Delete any event.

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Google Calendar Screenshot

Receive Replies

Customers can reply your appointment reminder messages and you will be notified. Alllowing you to reply to the customer or flagging for a follow-up call.

How much does a lost customer cost your business?

Appointment Reminder is totally confident you'll save money using our system, we offer a full money back guarantee anytime you're not happy with our service for ANY reason.

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Google Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

If you add the word 'nosend' to an event we won't schedule any reminders for that appointment. You can also add different negative keywords which we can monitor..

You can sync as many Google Calendars to Appointment Reminder as you want.