Text Appointment Reminders

Text Appointment Reminders
25 Sep 2015

Text Appointment Reminders

Text Appointment Reminders: The Benefits

Reminding clients of when their appointments is important. While it may seem easy enough, there are many businesses out there who fail to provide reminders – doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, plumbers, lawyers, and even tax consultants. If you have a business where appointments are scheduled, text appointment reminders are a must. This will make it easier for you to manage your appointment, provide reminders, and more. There are some amazing benefits to this service and it is easier to implement than you might think.

Reduced No-Show

Studies have shown that people will often forget an appointment. Actually, millennials are more likely to forget than those who are in the 65+ category. This is because everyone has so much going on that they don’t think about the appointment until it’s too late.

No-shows can cost you money in a variety of ways. When you send out text appointment reminders, you can minimize the number of no-shows. People will be reminded of where they need to be and show up at the designated time. If they have double booked or won’t be able to make it, the text is their reminder to call your office and either cancel or reschedule. Either way, some kind of action will be taken. You have the potential to reduce the number of no-shows by as much as 90%, which can change the way your business operates considerably.

Premium Customer Service

You want to do all you can to provide premium customer service. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, customers want to feel as though they are taken care of. By providing a text reminder that you can personalize, they are able to be reminded of their appointment. This is a very gentle prodding because they don’t have to answer the phone and talk to someone. They can simply look down at their phone once they get the text to get the reminder. From there, they may even decide to put the reminder into their calendar so it is guaranteed that they won’t forget. Should they not have the ability to make it, that is likely when they will call to cancel or reschedule as well.

Lower Cost of Labour

It can be expensive for you or someone else in your office to sit on the phone and call all of your appointments for the next day or the day after that. If you have 20 appointments, it could take you 5 minutes per call by the time you dial the number, tell someone who you are and why you are calling. This is a total of 100 minutes for every 20 appointments. This hour or two could be much better spent within your business doing things that are actually going to bring in money. Text reminders are automated, so the texts are sent out without you having to do anything additional. People will only call the office if they have questions or need to cancel/reschedule. Otherwise, you keep your staff occupied with plenty else. When you know more about who will and will not be coming in for the day, you can staff more effectively and potentially give some employees a half or full day off so you can keep your labour costs in check.

More Business

You can actually gain more business with text reminders for appointments as well. Think about it like this. If you are leaving appointments open for the people who are scheduled, you are anticipating that business. If they are a no-show, then those appointments never get filled and you are out of that money. However, if you send out a text reminder and someone realizes they are unable to make it, you are giving them the reminder and prompt to call the office and cancel or re-schedule. When the appointment opens up, this then gives you the opportunity to fill the space with someone who will show up. This is why it can always be advantageous to keep a list of people for “first available” in the event you do have a cancellation.

Smoother Operations

Overall, you are going to have smoother operations if you don’t have to worry about the reminders. With the text appointment reminders, it can be a simple automated system in place where everyone will receive a text reminding them of the appointment date and time a certain number of hours before their appointment – 24, 48, or another time that you select. You will be able to keep all of your employees occupied throughout the day because you will have appointments throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than having several back to back cancellations because you will then have staff standing around, wondering what they should be doing. You don’t want to deal with that – and therefore appointment reminders by text is definitely the way to go.

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