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SMS & Text Reminders

Text Messages have an over 90% open rate.

meaning your reminder is very likely to be read and noted.

It's better to know when a customer isn't able to make, rather than just no showing up.

It's far more convenient for customers to reply to a text message than having to call and interrupting your workflow.

If a customer replies with "sorry something has come up will need to re-schedule" this gives a great opportunity to follow-up and stay in contact."

Email Reminders

Send Timely Email Reminders

Email reminders allow you a bit more flexibility than text and voice reminders. They allow you send more information about the appointment and even include a map to your location. Why not send a Email and Text Reminder at the same time?

Voice Reminders

Send Scripted Voicemail

Voice reminders are still a popular choice for many of our customers. Voice reminders like text messages have a very high rate of engagement, meaning if someone is unable to make an appointment they are likely to let you know.

Multiple Reminder Scripts

You're not limited to using the same script for each reminder. You may have multiple staff and you'd like to mention there name in the script. No problem. You may also want to use a different script depending on the service your client is receiving. Or you might have different locations and want to mention the location in their reminder message.

Reminder Scheduling

You can schedule exactly when you would like reminder messages to be sent. A lot of users use 24 hours before the appointment, another popular option is the day before at a certain time like 11am. This means the majority of replies will come in at the same time and can be dealt with in bulk. Appointment Reminder is very customizable when it comes to scheduling options.

Appointment Replies

We always encourage businesses to ask their clients to reply in their reminder messages. By doing this clients are showing a real commitment to show up. In Janurary 2016 our customers had a reply rate of 30%. Of those who asked for confirmation the rate was greater than 70%.

Import Customers and Appointments

Want to start but don't want to manually enter all your customer details and phone numbers? You can import them using our Customer Import Feautre. Same with Appointments, if you use a booking calendar that can export to a CSV file you can import this directly into our system. If you use Outlook or Google Calendar then this will automatically happen.

How much does a lost customer cost your business?

Appointment Reminder is totally confident you'll save money using our system, we offer a full money back guarantee any-time if you're not happy with our service for ANY reason.

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